Personal Protection in the Workplace

The explosion proof fan company Big Fans For Sale, wants to tell you about workplace safety.

Workplace safety is an important issue since employees spend a lot of time away from home and many hours of their lives in their work environment. Employers have standards to abide by, put in place through government agencies like OSHA. There are many ways that OSHA and employers can make the work place a safe environment, and one of the ways to help protect employees at work through personal protection. Though a lot of the safety requirements that fall on the employer, but employees have to play a role in help keeping themselves safe too.

How can employees be personally protected?

  • Eye Safety – Employers should provide protective eyeglasses, and “you” as an employee must remember to always use them!
  • Explosion Proof Exhaust Fans – Some employers are required to have spark proof fans in a hazardous area.
  • Protect Your Back – Many people hurt their back and have low back pain because they did not lift a heavy object the proper way. Employers can train workers on how to lift properly; employees must make sure they learn the proper technique on how to lift.
  • First Aid – Employers should provide a first aid protocol, as well as actual first aid equipment. Workers need to learn these first aid techniques.
  • Hand Safety – Workers must have an ergonomically correct working environment, as well as policies to help employees who use their hands in a repetitive sequence.
  • Falling Protection – Employers must train workers who climb ladders, telephone polls, and work where height is an issue, and make sure they have the correct equipment. Employees must learn these procedures, wear the proper equipment, and make sure they are not mentally distracted.
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Employers should provide appropriate protective equipment, depending on the occupation.
  • Respiratory – Employees should be properly equipped and trained if they work in a workplace that requires respiratory protection.  Workers must learn these procedures and are responsible for wearing the proper equipment provided.
  • Showers and Eyewashes – Workers should be trained on the proper procedure on washing. Many hazardous work places provide a way to properly rid yourself of dangerous chemicals.
  • Hearing Safety – Workers should use earplugs or head phones if your work place causes loud noises.

The company Move Big Air supports these workplace health standards, and sells explosion proof fans, which help make a workplace safer. Explosion proof fans are designed with spark proof construction to help prevent explosions in a hazardous area.

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