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Safety in The Workplace


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The US government has created OSHA to help prevent accidents in the workplace and save people’s lives. Started in 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act set standards to help workers throughout the United States, work in a safe environment, and therefore have a longer and healthier life. These standards should be followed by employers, if they are not, employers can by fined and penalized through monetary measures.

Workers should be able to work in an environment that is hazardous free, and employers must take an active role in prevention, doing their best to minimize any dangers in the working areas. OSHA helps businesses create a safe place to work by the following:

  • Take part in OSHA’s voluntary programs that help protect workers.
  • Drafting new safety systems for management.
  • Establishing reporting procedures for employers.
  • Actively inspect the worksite, all companies must follow OSHA Regulations, those that don’t might be fined.
  • Create employees and employers rights and responsibilities.
  • Always be up on the latest innovations and strategies in helping with workplace hazards.
  • Create programs that will train occupational safety personnel.
  • Make sure there is a consultation program for OSHA.
  • Work with state occupational safety and health programs.

OSHA does not cover you if you are one of the following:

  • State’s that have their own workplace health standards for their employees.
  • If you are self-employed
  • Farms that do not employ outside workers
  • If you are a Federal agency that already has their own safety or health criteria.

Occupational safety and health is important because it protects workers from work related injuries, deaths and illnesses. Over 100 million people in the US work force, and these standards help protect them.  Even though these laws are in place, there are still incidents and there is room for improvement.

The company Move Big Air supports these workplace health standards, and sells explosion proof fans, which help make a workplace safer. An explosion proof fan is designed with spark proof construction and minimizes the chance for a spark igniting an explosion in a hazardous area.

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