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Wind power, can this be our future?

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Wind power is a great way to generate electricity. It can be used in place of other energy sources such as electricity or nuclear power.

Where does wind power come from?

Wind power comes from the sun.  Solar radiation heats every part of the Earth’s surface. Surfaces on the earth, such as sand and water, absorb and release heat at different rates. As we all know, hot air rises, and as it rises, the cold air replaces it, this movement is wind.

What is kinetic energy?

Wind has kinetic energy (kinetic energy is the energy of an object in motion). The wind’s kinetic energy is captured and converted to other forms of energy such as mechanical power. Machines like Wind turbines can then help convert the wind’s energy into mechanical power. This mechanical power is then converted into electricity.

What are wind turbines?

Wind turbines have blades that are moved by the wind which are turn connected to a generator to make electricity. Wind turbines can help provide energy which can be exported. A small turbine around 10 kilowatts is enough to provide electricity to 1 home.

Is wind energy efficient?

Wind is a free and will never run out, so it doesn’t matter how much we use, there will always be a supply. Wind is also non-polluting and does not emit greenhouse gases. This is great for power plants, especially in cities like Los Angeles, that have a pollution problem.

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